Resorts To Which People Go To Retire

Who wouldn’t want to retire in resorts like these? Live like a king or queen in any one of those well-located and well-appointed resorts in palm springs until it is time to make yet another departure in life, this time to that resort up, way above the clouds in the sky. Maybe not hard to locate when you’re living in resorts like these because the area is all about clear and sunny days, for most days of the year. Who wouldn’t want to retire to places like these?

Jimbo wouldn’t mind because he likes a good round of golf every now and then, away from the house, and even time off for good behaviour, away from the missus, and more time with the boys. It should be easy to make new friends when you’re settled into resorts like these. People of similar age, guys and gals, and with likeminded interests. And while the boys are out playing on the greensÂ…what do you think the girls are doing?

resorts in palm springs

They’re also out playing. You didn’t think they weren’t coming out for a break too? Of course they are, and there’s plenty enough malls to see to. Coffee shops and rendezvous to good and fine restaurants. Get a healthy tan and line while you wait for your Caesars. Book in for a lingering massage with a tall, dark, handsome and muscular masseuse, otherwise known as a male massage therapist.

Or an esthetician. But don’t you worry. Hubby never needs to know. Massage was good, but she was German, you know. Speaking of which, you’re going to find Germans with good money to spend coming down here. The Japanese, and the Chinese too. And of course, all the locals. Because they decided to make places like these their home a long time ago.